Friday, January 05, 2007

Working on the TBR Pile

This month the girls and guys at Booklovers Group have decided as a mini-challenge to read only books from their TBR piles.

What is a TBR pile? Well for some of us, myself being one, there is a strange compulsion to buy books every time you go to the store. Leading to a stack, box, shelf, or room of books that are just sitting there waiting to be read.

Hence TBR = To Be Read.

My TBR pile is fairly substantial. I have three bookshelves above my desk, with two of them two books deep, full of books to be read. I also have the top bookshelf of one of my cases behind me double stacked full of books I have but haven't even opened. Plus I have the entire Bombshell series (with the exception of about 20 from the first year) sitting in my guest room waiting for me to enjoy.

The idea of getting some of those books read is a very very good idea.

So I agreed to doing the challenge.

My first obstacle is picking out of which stack to read~~ I started with the two books I have previously reviewed... one which was sitting on my shelf from the library, the other I had bought the Saturday after Christmas with my lovely Borders gift card!

Now I face a connundrum, I have been waiting since October to read Born in Death by JD Robb and today it came in from the library. I have already started Forbidden Magic, which I will finish before moving on. But since it wasn't in my TBR stack before the New Year, does it count as one of my TBR's because I have been on the waiting list for it at the library??

I sincerely doubt I will be able to hold out for the rest of the month to read it (its a 14 days only book!!) so I will probably decide it is still a TBR even though it wasn't in my TBR stack!

See, this is how the mind of a book addict works... :-D anything to rationalize reading what you want!

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