Friday, September 16, 2005

Moon's Web By CT Adams and Cathy Clamp

You just KNEW I had to read the second book. It was just sitting there on the shelf calling to me!

CT Adams & Cathy Clamp developed the world of the Sazi by leaps and bounds in this continuation of the story of Tony and Sue. The plot was a little more complex in this book, and in fact, there were several plotlines carried throughout the book. Most of the characters from the first book return for at least a scene or two, though the setting has moved to Chicago.

By the end of the story we are completely set up for the next book in the series. Actually, it sets us up for at least a couple of the plots to come.

When I responded to a post about this book on the McNally's email group from Jim Butcher's website Cathy herself responded with these words:

"... You'll be happy to know that we have TWO Sazi books in 2006 (plus one that's the beginning of a new world, called TOUCH OF EVIL. That one will be out in March.) The next Sazi is CAPTIVE MOON and will be out in August. However, it WON'T be in Tony's POV. We're going to start to follow other characters as well, but we're planning another Tony book in 2007. Captive Moon features Antoine Monier, the French councilman for the cats at the end of Moon's Web. HOWLING MOON will be out in mid-December and follows Raven's father, Raphael Ramirez, in Boulder (Lucas's pack). Hope you'll like them too! :D Cathy"

I, for one, will be watching for their new releases. Although, I really hate waiting almost a year for the next book! :-D
I enjoyed the development of both Tony and Sue throughout the story. Meeting the new characters was a bit overwhelming at times, but it is evident that each and every one of them will eventually have a part in the plot. The main mystery was sidetracked a bit by everything else was going on but the climax was really well written. However, there were parts of this story that I thought were a bit rushed at the end, almost like "oh my gosh we better get these plot points in before the deadline". The overall feeling I was left with though was very good.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hunter's Moon by CT Adams and Cathy Clamp

So I started a new series tonight.

As you will come to see I am quite partial to series books. There is nothing better than falling so in love with a group of characters that you can't wait to find out just what will happen to them next.

I am currently on a sci-fi romance kick. They are witty, exciting and extremely creative. The worlds that are created in some of these books are so real that you wonder if you won't run into a Vampire or shapeshifter one day.

The book I finished today was by CT Adams & Cathy Clamp. This is the first book I have read by this duo. I got the recommendation to read their book off a couple of sources.. one was the McNally's email group from Jim Butcher's website. The second time I heard it mentioned was a yahoo group, run by my friend Merry Book Lovers Group (thanks Janetlee.. cause I am fairly positive you mentioned it).

Hunter's Moon is the first of the Sazi books. Something I really enjoyed about this book that you don't typically get in romances is it was entirely written the hero's point of view (POV for future reference cause this will probably be the ONLY time I spell it out!) Since I am not a male, I can't even begin to guess if his thoughts are really how a guy would think. However, this character was completely believable and you were even able to get the female's POV through a very creative process (which I can't tell you about cause its a semi-spoiler). Kudos to the authors.

Tony is an assassin, a mob assassin, for hire. Sue Quentin is at the end of her rope and ready to kill... so she goes to a professional, namely Tony. When she meets her assassin he isn't exactly what she had in mind. He's not scary, well not that scary, and he listens to her vent her frustration, and well the sparks that jump between them could light up Great American Ballpark. So like any red-blooded American woman.. she falls for him. The hitch, he's a werewolf.

The plot of this story is mainly to survive another day, which in Tony's world isn't always a given. A supporting cast of characters that will make you cringe, laugh out loud, want to cry, scream 'bloody hell', and smile in satisfaction. By the end of the book you are craving the next, just to see what happens next. Of course isn't that they sign of "the beginning of a beautiful friendship".

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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Wild Swans by Kate Holmes

No its not by that KATIE HOLMES! She was too busy making Dawson suffer at the time it was written.

I digress..

This Kate Holmes' real name is Anne Holmberg. She is a.k.a Anne Avery, if my information is correct. In which case.. I own quite a few of her books. Most of them are of this genre, fractured faerie tale adaptations and historical sweet fluff.

I want to make a point here... fluff is a good thing. So I don't want anyone to misunderstand me when I say fluff. There is enough angst in the world without having to read it all the time too. :) Three cheers for HEA's! This is an abbreviation that yall will have to get used to if you read my blog and listen to my show... HEA is a "Happily Ever After".

And sometimes you just like the girl to win the boy and make babies.. or not make babies... doesn't matter.. they live happily and that is good! :)

Man.. do I babble or what?

On to "The Wild Swans"... This was a cute book based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale the The Wild Swans. Princess Arianne has twelve.. no I didn't stutter... count 'em twelve younger brothers, who have a tendency to get themselves, and consequentially Arianne, into trouble. When they anger an ogre, Arianne is forced to knit them twelve shirts of nettles (prickly little things if you didn't know) that are collected by the light of the full moon. Oh and did I mention that she can't speak or sing until she is finished. Nothing like making it a little more difficult now is there. When an exasperated King makes the vow that he will marry the first female that doesn't chatter his head off meets the silent and beautiful Arienne... well. Let's just say the feathers will fly.

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