Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Darkest Dreams by Jennifer St. Giles

Book #2 - 2007

In this the second book of the Andrews sisters trilogy, Jennifer St. Giles, returns to the mystery surround the death of Alex and Sean Killdaren's former lover Helen.

In the first book, Midnight Secrets, it was believed that the killer had been caught (in a twist which had me searching for this one immediately) but when further evidence is revealed and another woman murdered the Andrews sisters begin examining the death of their cousin once again.

The hero and heroine in this book, Alex and Andromeda, are well written. They are both similar creatures and believe that they will be forced to remain alone for the rest of thier lives, Alex because of his brother, Andrie becuase of her special abilities.

I enjoyed most of the book... though there were a few times I was exasperated by the boneheaded men. But isn't that just like real life.

My Rating: A

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