Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Princess of Park Lane by Jacqueline Navin

Jaqueline Navin had a story in an anthology called "The Talk of the Ton" wih Eloise James and Julia London (both of whom I had read before) The story that she contributed to the book was cute, nothing spectacular, but it was good enough to peak my interest when I saw her three book triology.

The first book, The Princess of Park Lane, was good. We have two storylines to follow. That of a woman who is searching for family, so she takes her dead brother's diary and finds that he has left illigitmate children all over London... and beyond. The second story line is our "main character" Michaela. She is living with her mother and twosisters, so different from the twins she never feels as though she belongs. She is passionate where they are not, she has striking features where they are plain. When she finds out that her father is the late Earl of Woolrich, she realizes that everything is about to change.

I really liked the storyline of the Aunt and her secret lover. Though we only get it in bits and pieces, I am sure that their story will continue in the next book as she looks for more nieces.

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