Saturday, January 17, 2009

Texas Born by Ann DeFee

A part of the Harlequin American Romance Series, and if this is how horrible they all are they should just shut down the series. This book was so bad I nearly didn't finish it. The plot was so easy to figure out I had serious doubts about the safety of the people in the town since their county sheriff was such a moron.

The only thing cute in it was the Fluffy dog that they picked up.

There is nothing worse than having a novel with characters who are so out of whack from reality that they do things even fiction can't explain.

I mean seriously what investigator goes to an amusement park when there are mobsters trying to kill a friend and someone trying to break into your girlfriends house to find some missing disk. No one.

Ann DeFee, you just went on my... NEVER again list.

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