Thursday, January 11, 2007

Born in Death by JD Robb

Book #5 2007

JD Robb's "In Death" series is one that I didn't read until a couple of years ago. Once I was hooked, I managed to catch up on 25 books in about three weeks.

In Born in Death, Mavis finally gives birth!! After nearly 6 books of a pregnant best friend I was absolutely ready for Eve's closest friend to have her child. Of course, par the norm, there were a lot of bumps along the road to get there.

Starting with birthing classes, a double homicide, planning a baby shower, a missing pregnant woman, buying Mavis a mag baby gift, a grievous insult to Roarke, and a strong urge to flee the country, or planet even, for Eve and Roarke.

A site I would definately recommend if you are just starting the In Death series is, which has a listing of all the books, and anthologies, in order. Now its not necessary to read these books in order, but I highly recommend it. The growth of Eve and Roarke from beginning to present is what makes these characters so interesting. The cast of characters is very large and compelling. We typically don't get anyone's perspective other than Eve's, but through her eyes we see how she learns to care for the other people in the stories and we are inevitably drawn into her life.

My Rating: A

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