Friday, November 04, 2005

Bachelor Boys by Kate Saunders

I think I found this book by Kate Saunders while searching through the new materials at the library website ... I have no idea!
However, much to my surprise, it was a really cute book. The gist is that Cassie is asked by her close friend, and surrogate mother, Phoebe, to find wives for her two wastral sons. Phoebe is sick and dying and Cassie would do anything to make her happy, with the exception of married one of Phoebe's sons herself. So she agrees to find them each suitable spouses and suddenly she is matchmaking for every one of her friends which is great, except things aren't going so well between her boyfriend Matthew and herself.

I actually cried a bit and laughed a bit and got angry a bit... there was "a bit" of everything here.

The writer and story live in GB and to be honest this is the first book by a british author I have read that wasn't a comedy romance. It was a nice change.

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