Monday, September 12, 2005

The Wild Swans by Kate Holmes

No its not by that KATIE HOLMES! She was too busy making Dawson suffer at the time it was written.

I digress..

This Kate Holmes' real name is Anne Holmberg. She is a.k.a Anne Avery, if my information is correct. In which case.. I own quite a few of her books. Most of them are of this genre, fractured faerie tale adaptations and historical sweet fluff.

I want to make a point here... fluff is a good thing. So I don't want anyone to misunderstand me when I say fluff. There is enough angst in the world without having to read it all the time too. :) Three cheers for HEA's! This is an abbreviation that yall will have to get used to if you read my blog and listen to my show... HEA is a "Happily Ever After".

And sometimes you just like the girl to win the boy and make babies.. or not make babies... doesn't matter.. they live happily and that is good! :)

Man.. do I babble or what?

On to "The Wild Swans"... This was a cute book based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale the The Wild Swans. Princess Arianne has twelve.. no I didn't stutter... count 'em twelve younger brothers, who have a tendency to get themselves, and consequentially Arianne, into trouble. When they anger an ogre, Arianne is forced to knit them twelve shirts of nettles (prickly little things if you didn't know) that are collected by the light of the full moon. Oh and did I mention that she can't speak or sing until she is finished. Nothing like making it a little more difficult now is there. When an exasperated King makes the vow that he will marry the first female that doesn't chatter his head off meets the silent and beautiful Arienne... well. Let's just say the feathers will fly.

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