Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Breaking Point - Suzanne Brockman

Breaking Point - Suzanne Brockman A+

Max and Gina's story... FINALLY. Somehow I missed this when it was released, but I am sooooo glad I found it. Max Baghet, FBI agent, has a problem with love. When you love someone, chances are you are going to lose them. So when he hears that the one woman who has snuck into his heart is killed in a Hamburg terrorist bombing he isn't surprised. But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. The story involves a couple of other people we have seen before in the Troubleshooters series. Molly, the aid worker returns to the forefront when her ex-lover, Grady Morant aka Jones, shows up at the camp where she and Gina are working.

If you haven't read this series... I recommend doing so. Especially
if you like romantic suspense.

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